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GripSling ® (grip sleeng)—noun:

A simple yet effective workout strap that is used to perform dynamic training methods and develop superior grip strength—the perfect exercise tool for any athlete and a great fitness accessory to any workout program!

Grip Sling TM Raw Training Straps TM may be used independently for suspension bodyweight exercise, or with other fitness equipment such as weights, dumbbells, and workout machines. If supplementing your conventional workout routine with GripSling, our training straps' effectiveness is guaranteed to significantly enhance your favorite exercises. Our comfortable yet durable design allows you to either emphasize the use and development of grip strength, or provides the option to harness your wrists through the strap's comfortable cotton loop to relieve grip discomfort and hand strain. Our training straps' practical design will bring an unparalleled aspect of utility and functionality to your workouts and fitness lifestyle.

GripSling offers many highly effective training methods and our workout straps may be used with free-weights and kettlebells as well as other gym equipment, suspension bodyweight, partner team training, stretching, and in a totally self-efficient manner through A.R.T. (Appendage Resistance TrainingTM.  Our fitness straps may also be used for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, including: plyometrics, calisthenics, isometrics, yoga and toning. In addition to exercising primary muscle groups, our versatile fitness straps are designed to improve your grip, core, agility, coordination, stability muscle strength, mental focus, accuracy and precision. GripSling is engineered to enhance the strength and conditioning of any athlete: OCR, Ninja Warrior, Jui-Jitsu, MMA, calisthenics, gymnastics, triathlon, strongman, gymnastics, and yoga. With many sports specific applications, your GripSling Raw Training Straps are guaranteed to meet your performance expectations!

The flexible material of these heavy-duty cotton workout straps can be easily folded and stored. GripSling is essentially a highly portable "travel gym" that is perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether being forward-deployed on Active Duty, going on a business trip, or just enjoying some vacation R&R, GripSling can be easily packed into your rucksack, sea bag, or carry-on luggage. This versatile tool will improve your vacation workouts, travel training, and fitness adventures--guaranteed.

Furthermore, the GripSling device may be used for physical therapy and injury rehabilitation. GripSling training methods may be prescribed to individuals of any fitness ability, and the training strap device may be an appropriate aid for various stages of rehabilitation. The device may be used for many types of therapy, including: musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation, mobility and range of motion strengthening, and for joint stability enhancement. GripSling may assist patients in completing movements in planes of motion more safely and effectively by helping them perform comfortable, controlled therapy and rehabilitation. Also, the device is a great tool for helping people of all ages achieve a healthy lifestyle, and GripSling may be incorporated within any wellness program.

Consult with your doctor or physician to see if GripSling is right for you.

Our Heritage

Developed by a US Navy Search And Rescue (SAR) swimmer, GripSling proved to be essential for upholding the SAR motto “So Others May Live.” The training straps were first used by the world’s most elite waterborne combat rescuers as a practical and functional tool. Their versatile and lightweight design made the workout straps highly-portable and easy to use. GripSling also enhanced military team-building cohesiveness when used for team training and group PT sessions.
The advantages of GripSling have since grown to serve society beyond military application. At GripSling's core, our movement is built upon empowering others. We proudly support our growing team of GripSling users, and our dedicated community proudly stands behind our quality products and training methods. Collectively, we aim to improve the way soldiers prepare for combat, athletes practice for sport, physicians rehabilitate their patients, and exercise instructors train their clients. Join our movement, and we will be very proud to share and promote your great work to the world!
Our pride lies with serving and empowering others. GripSling Raw Training Straps are manufactured in the United States, we are a recognized Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, and our markets include government and federal organizations, collegiate and professional sports teams, gyms and exercise facilities, medical and rehabilitation centers, as well as individual athletes of all fitness levels. We proudly deliver the highest product quality and service to all of our customers and affiliates.
Our mission is to provide you with quality, down-to-earth fitness equipment at an affordable price. We serve our community by empowering others, and we will develop and market our brand with dignity and integrity while maintaining the highest standards. GripSling products are aimed to promote health and fitness through dynamic training methods. Our training straps are designed to offer limitless versatility and creativity for helping strengthen people's mind, body, and life.

Like our products, our entire company is committed to performing beyond reasonable expectations.

Feel free to contact us with any suggestions about how we may better serve your needs.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

–John F. Kennedy

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