Affiliates Program

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    The run-down:

    • There are no program set-up fees or maintenance fees.

    • Your code is good for 20% OFF at

    • You will earn an additional 20% of every sale whenever your code is entered upon checkout, respectively.

    • Commissions are paid on a monthly basis, contingent on your account accumulating at least $20 in sales.

    • Commissions will be deposited directly to your PayPal account.

    • All sales made with your coupon code will be considered "pending" for 30 days after a referral order. To eliminate any potential order processing or returned item issues, you will be payed after this 30 day period. Your commissions will be rolled over until eligible for payout, and you may email us at anytime to check your earnings balance.

    • Please market your efforts in a grassroots manner. Do not "spam" people with your discount code or wholesale referrals. It is much more effective to take a sincere, word-of-mouth approach.

    • Complimentary samples are unavailable. Once activated, please enter your promo code upon checkout and we will be happy to provide a 20% discount, plus credit an additional 20% to your commission earnings account for the respective sale.

    • Of course, we will be proud to showcase your GripSling workout pics and videos on our social media platforms as well! Please tag us on Instagram (@GripSling & #GripSling).

    • By participating in our Affiliates Program, you agree to the terms within our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer.




    Introduce GripSling to Gyms and Retailers

    • Refer a wholesale buyer and we'll proudly share 15% of the first 10 units ordered, and 5% of any units ordered thereafter.

    • This means that you’ll automatically earn 5% of all repeat orders.

    Share Your GripSling Coupon Code

    • By promoting our movement, you will earn 20% of every sale that is made with your customized discount code.

    • Furthermore, your community and followers will also receive a 20% discount off their orders when entering your promo code upon checkout at



    After reviewing your application, we will activate your Coupon Code and send you a follow-up email confirmation with helpful information.

    If you have any questions about our Affiliates Program, please inquire via the above form.

    Thanks for your interest in joining our team, and we look forward to growing our movements together!